A programme that teaches young humans about the power of their brains - how they form beliefs, thoughts, feelings and shape our experiences. 

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Young humans will learn how to look at situations differently and empathetically while dreaming big and planning for the future - (young humans also get to create their own future vision and goal board, filled with their dreams!)

These are all tools that will guarantee the successes of our young people in a changing world.

Classes Cover:

Lesson one: people think differently. Young humans are introduced to the concept that our brains all think differently, and that we all have different experiences of the world. (And, that this is amazing!)

Lesson two: take a closer look - not everything is as it seems. Young humans experience the importance of different perspectives and delving deeper beneath the surface - there is always more to see and learn.

Lesson three: celebration and fun. Young humans uncover the importance of joy and happiness are for our brains (for our moods, learning, and how we experience the world!) Young humans are given fun-making challenges, and are shown that they have the ability to bring celebration into all that they do.

Lesson four: the uniqueness of you. Young humans see their mind's own unique brilliance, and how this is different to others.

Lesson five: dreaming big (part 1). Young humans understand that failure is part of working towards big goals, and uncover some of the world’s best failures (Thomas Edison, Walt Disney and JK Rowling!) They complete part 1 of a vision board and goal creating exercise, where they get creative dreaming up their future.

Lesson six: dreaming big (part 2). Young humans see that they can control their own world, through dreaming big and believing in themselves. Young humans complete part 2 of their vision and goal boards!  

Your young human will...

💥Have an enhanced understanding on how the human brain works

💥Uncover new perspectives and different ways of thinking 

💥Unleash curiosity and critical thinking

💥Experience accelerated levels of confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness

💥Have personal mentorship from our inspiring coaches

💥Form new friendships with like minded kids

💥Learn about goal setting and how to bounce back from failure

💥Experience exploration and play 

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