Peoply's Great Minds

Learning from game changing leaders and role models while your young human understands and accelerates their own great traits.

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The term who we hang around (or learn from!) we become could not be more true for our young humans today. From Albert Einstein, to JK Rowling, to Easton LaChapelle, to Jacidna Ardern, to Steve Jobs, to Greta Thunberg, each week your child will learn from game changing role models and how these traits can be used in the world.

Classes cover...
💥How to become a “Creativity Champion” from Easton LaChappelle (a teenage prosthetics innovator)
💥How to create amazing business ideas, from Brian Chesky, (AirBnb founder)
💥How to use kindness and empathy, from Jacinda Ardern (Prime Minister of New Zealand)
+ much more…

Your young human will gain...
💥Discovery of and deepened understanding of their own personal strengths💥Accelerated levels of confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness

💥Acceleration in communication and collaboration skills

💥An understanding of effective leadership

💥Expanded problem solving and critical thinking skills

💥Tools to enable them to develop additional “Great Mind” traits such as creativity, confidence, bravery and kindness

💥Personal mentorship from our inspiring coaches

💥Access to a wide range of role models to look up to

💥New friendships with like minded kids

💥A leading edge learning experience (where fun is #1)

First four weeks free
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Multiple classes to choose from
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Attend multiple classes each week, for less than the price of one private tutoring session

First four weeks free
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First 4 weeks free, $30 p/w afterwards
Cancel anytime
Multiple classes to choose from
Join classes for free
"I have found that these invaluable lessons have enhanced her confidence and her ability to encourage and inspire confidence in others as well"
Lea, Mother
"The Peoply Great Minds course seems to be the highlight of my son's week"
Charmain, Mother
"I love Great Minds!"
Ellie, Young Human

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