Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab and Peoply have partnered to bring the magic of rockets and space to the lives of young humans, unlocking big picture thinking, creativity and curiosity.

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This exclusive content has been developed fresh from the launch pads and engine rooms of Rocket Lab. The programme offers insights into real life rocket launches and missions, while enabling kids to explore the boundaries of their own imagination.

Through interactive exercises, videos and discussions, your young human will delve into the enchanting world of rockets and space.

Your young human will...
🚀 Explore the magic of rocket build, launch and missions
🚀 Expand critical thinking skills, especially about the future of space (from jobs, to practicalities of living in space!)
🚀 Develop their creativity and problem solving abilities
🚀 Understand the importance of asking questions, and how this can lead to investigations and scientific developments
🚀 Learn about the role that Rocket Lab plays in the space industry
🚀 Extend their personal experiences with the natural world
🚀 Increase their self-esteem and confidence
🚀 Explore and play
🚀 Develop new friendships and connection with like minded kids all over the country
🚀 Receive personal mentorship from inspiring coaches

Attend multiple classes each week, for less than the price of one private tutoring session

First month for free, $30 p/w afterwards
First 4 weeks free, $30 p/w afterwards
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