Uncovering and understanding the different gifts and strengths that each young human has. Your child's confidence will soar while having a bunch of fun along the way.

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The Peoply Superpowers programme accelerates your child's understanding of their own talents and strengths. Your young human will see how they can use their superpowers to dream big, become whoever they wish to be, and change the world!

Through interactive exercises, videos, discussions, we delve into different superpowers including…
🚀Open mindedness
🚀Strategic thinking
🚀Social awareness

Your young human will experience...

🚀A discovery of and deepened understanding of their own personal strengths

🚀Accelerated levels of confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness

🚀Acceleration in communication and collaboration skills

🚀An understanding of effective leadership

🚀Expanded problem solving and critical thinking skills

🚀Personal mentorship from our inspiring coaches

🚀Access to a wide range of role models to look up to

🚀 Exploration and play

🚀New friendships with like minded kids all over the country

🚀A leading edge learning experience (where fun is #1)

$30 a week to attend multiple classes each week, less than the price of one private tutoring session

First month for free, $30 p/w afterwards
Money Back Guarantee
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"My daughter has said that her teacher was such a lovely lady and that she thoroughly enjoyed her lessons, and had lots of fun as well."
Lea, mother
"Peoply is doing an awesome job at inspiring our young people. They may not be giving much away, but I know Elias is quietly beaming and enjoying looking at the world a bit differently."
Deborah, mother
"This programme has been really fun! I have learnt about my natural superpowers, big picture thinking and dyslexia. I have also loved the games and activities with the other kids in our classes."
Sophia, young human

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