Co-create your classroom

May 8, 2020

Here at Peoply, we believe ‘Co-Creation is the fastest path to Participation’.

What does that mean?

This means allowing the children in our classes to step into leadership capacities while they learn, and develop the confidence to take control of their own learning. This is one of the advantages of a Peoply class - your child doesn't need to realise that they are actively practicing core capabilities for their development, yet they will be putting these skills into practice each week through fun, collaborative activities. 

Are you wondering what this looks like in practice? Here’s an example: In the first week of classes, we allow the kids to co-create their own class rules. These rules will then be used by the coach of the class to ensure the children stay focused and on the right track for the rest of the program. Because they created the rules, the children understand why the rules are important and are more willing to listen to them! 

This grants autonomy to the class to create the type of experience they want to have together and continue the discussion until everyone agrees. Some of the rules we get a lot include;

  • Listen to other’s ideas!
  • Be kind to everyone!
  • Have fun! 
  • Support each other!

We love seeing what each class comes up with at the start of each section. By giving the kids the autonomy to co-create the environment they wish to be a part of, we are showing them their voice matters. We are teaching them to follow what they believe is right and that they will be supported in leaps and bounds when they care for themselves and others.

Being a part of a Peoply class is like stepping into a new world. There are no wrong answers, all opinions are valid. Everyone is celebrated and respected for who they are. We’d be incredibly excited to see you in your first Peoply class soon

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