Creative ideas to keep young humans entertained while social distancing

April 24, 2020

We are all in an unprecedented position of being unable to operate in the ways that we are used to. Our aim is to help ease your burden with some easy to follow tips to keep your children entertained and learning.

As parents we are facing two key problems. How to continue our children's education while in lock down, and how to keep them entertained! We have been forced into a situation where we must stay at home and use what we have got to keep the kids going. Here are four ways to solve both problems! 🐝

Create a daily schedule together.

Routine is important for keeping a sense of structure and normalcy during uncertain times.

A great way of keeping a schedule is to use a whiteboard, cardboard or blank printer paper, or print out to create a  daily schedule. 

Work together as a family and take turns being the one who decides what to do during each block of time.

Spending the time to get your family on a schedule will help bring some certainty and clarity to your days while in lockdown.

Pick a favourite animal and research it.

Encouraging learning in fun and creative ways is an important aspect of keeping the kids occupied.

Have a daily task to create a fact sheet about an animal and by the end that the kids present what they have learned about the animal of the day. Our favourites include the Tarsier, the Dumbo Octopus, and the Platypus

With thousands of animals to research, this could be a fun task to occupy the kids.

Explore the arts, history and foreign places with Google Arts & Culture.

Take a virtual tour of the Taj Mahal, or explore the Great Wall of China.

Engaging in activities that broadens the boundaries of your home is important to help remove the mind from where they are. Be creative with where you go and make it a fun adventure for your kids. 

Connect with others via digital communication technologies.

Human interactions are vital for child development as well as to keep a happy emotional balance. Kids need to interact with other kids, and the only way this is currently possible is via remote communication. 

Organising times for kids to be present on a call with each other is the key. If this is not possible, then consider where remote classes are organised at set times to ensure child attendance is achieved. For more on how Peoply does this, click here. 🌟

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