From your living room to space in seconds!

May 8, 2020

Peoply’s new Rocket Lab Explorers program has just launched, so we want to share some additional ways that you can enjoy outer space with your children from the comfort of your own home! 

Let’s go on a space adventure with your child today. Travel through Mars and Jupiter, maybe set up shop on Saturn and take a short day trip over to Uranus. Create a spaceship out of empty cardboard boxes, or simply use your imagination. Have an empty fishbowl? Congratulations your astronaut suit is ready! Creativity is so important and, luckily for us, kids have creativity in abundance. 

Take a dive into these four awesome space activities your kids can do in their own space adventures and you'll be ready for lift off!

  1. Space themed yoga 

Before any great space adventure, you need to prepare your body! Place your fishbowl safely next to you and take some time to do a space-themed yoga to get you and your child in the right *space* mindset! You can also follow along with Cosmic Kids Yoga here.

  1. Make a Spaceship 

Feeling extra crafty? Make a spaceship for your space adventure. All you really need is empty boxes, markers, and a great imagination! Have your child think critically about the necessary things a space shuttle might need, and then let them draw it out! 

  1. Make Moon Sand

In just a few easy steps, sand and cornstarch will go from being an odd combination to your new best friend. The preparation can be a little messy, but it’ll be worth it after you discover how much fun Moon Sand is to play with!

  1. Explore our Solar System

Strap on those moon boots and hop in that spaceship. Visit all of our amazing planets, and make sure to share your favorite moments with us!

We hope you have an amazing space day! After a long day of space exploration, you might be wondering what’s next. Though you may be thinking it’s nap time, your kids will be thinking about MORE space exploration! 

Peoply has recently partnered with Rocket Lab to create an amazing 7-week course for your child to learn about space, rockets, and so much more! If you’d like to find out more about our Rocket Lab class click here. Get in quick, we have more classes launching soon! 

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