Gravity, what is it good for? Absolutely everything!

April 29, 2020

Have you ever thought about how everyday life activities are affected by gravity? Astronauts prepare for months, not only for their jobs while they’re in space, but also for the way they will have to lead their life in a ‘zero-gravity’ environment. 

Here are 4 things that astronauts have to do differently when they’re in space!

  1. Astronauts can't write with regular pens!

In space, the ink from a pen flows everywhere and prevents astronauts from being able to write! Astronauts had to use only regular pencils while up in space, up until the space pen was invented. The space pen allows astronauts not only to write up in space without gravity, but also write underwater! 

  1. You can’t eat bread in space?

Bread isn’t allowed in space due to the large number of crumbs that are left behind. This is true for lots of crumb-y foods, even salt! For fear that small particles might mess with the equipment on the spacecraft or that astronauts may accidentally inhale crumbs, astronauts decided that it’s best to keep those items out of the spacecraft. 

  1. Food doesn’t taste the same in space. 

Taste is also experienced very differently in space. Astronauts have said things taste much stronger on earth than they do in space. This is because when astronauts first arrive in space their body fluid changes. The body distributes fluids equally in space, unlike how they are distributed on earth under gravity, and it takes some time for the body to adapt. Think back to when you’ve had a cold and food hasn’t had any taste - that’s exactly what astronauts experience! Not to worry - experienced astronauts are ready with condiments such as hot sauce, honey, and BBQ sauce to make their food tasty! 

  1. Drinking carbonated drinks isn’t the same

We need gravity to help us pass those carbon dioxide gases from the body. When drinking a carbonated drink, those carbon dioxide bubbles stay within the liquid and they’ll do the same in your body in space. Without gravity, the force for them to leave your body isn’t there - as you can imagine, this can lead to some discomfort for the astronauts! 

Do you think you do any of these things regularly? Space is marvellous and exploring it comes at the expense of gravity for our astronauts. Luckily for us, we get to keep our gravity and learn all about space from the comfort of our home as we munch on bread and use regular pens.

Feeling in the mood for more space adventure in your life? Take a look at these awesome space ideas we have for you and your child to practice! 

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