How do the fun activities in Rocket Lab classes work?

June 11, 2020

“My child is really enjoying the Rocket Lab program and looks forward to his class every week!” - Andrea, Parent

The Rocket Lab and Peoply partnership blasts off!

To provide the very best material for children everywhere, we have partnered with Rocket Lab, a world-leading aerospace manufacturer, to make sure the children in our classes have access to the cutting edge technology and innovations happening right now

All Peoply classes have between 3-6 kids so that each child gets the attention and guidance they need to foster their curiosity and stimulate innovative thinking. They not only learn incredible knowledge about rockets and our universe, they also learn about themselves and their own skills and passions. 

Science shows that the best learning happens when kids are having fun, so our classes are designed to do just that, teaching kids through hands-on and relatable examples - they think they’re just having fun, but really they are leaving with increased self confidence, critical thinking skills, a drive to unlocking their curiosity and so much more.

What will your child gain?

✅Access to experienced and specially trained mentors. 

✅Personalized lesson plans made of accredited Rocket Lab content.

✅Cutting edge learning experiences (where fun is #1).
✅New friendships and connection with like-minded young astronauts.

Are you ready?

When it comes to learning about outer space, our coaches are experts in engaging kids in fun and novel ways, presenting technical content in understandable ways.

The fun doesn’t stop with Rocket Lab Explorers. Peoply has multiple classes for children to participate in! They can learn about mindfulness and be inspired by world-leading role models and how they have changed the world on top of their Rocket Lab class. Your child is encouraged to attend as many classes as they want.

All this is included in the $30p/w subscription. For less than the price a a single tuition lesson you can have attend as many classes as you want. Best of all, you have a week to try Peoply out. We guarantee your child will be over the moon with our Rocket Lab Explorers program and if, for any reason, your not happy within your first week of classes, we will refund your money!

“Initially he wasn’t so interested in signing up for other classes. However, he has changed his mind now that he has experienced and enjoyed the Rocket Lab Explorers!” - Greta, Parent

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