How Peoply classes facilitate group learning

April 24, 2020

We believe that bringing children together helps them learn. Learning involves so much more than taking tests and getting good grades. It’s about building strong interpersonal skills, problem solving and critical thinking, and understanding empathy and compassion. These are things we start to learn through interacting with others, but it’s not always something we’re taught in the classroom. 

At Peoply, these skills are a core pillar of how we operate our classes. We have up to six children in a highly interactive, online learning environment. Each class has a trained coach, who facilitates the development of these skills through learning about a range of interesting topics. These include mindfulness, wellbeing, how to solve problems, and understand personal superpowers. Children can also join specialised classes on rocket science and space, taught alongside industry partners such as Rocket Lab. Most importantly, each class is grounded in fun and play making every class an enjoyable learning experience. 

Peoply’s mission is to provide every child with the access to a learning environment that improves their minds and helps them grow as people.  

If you want to know how our Peoply classes inspire children to love their own learning, then we invite you to sign up for one of our classes. We guarantee that your child will love the experience!

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