How Peoply uses technology to provide positive social interactions for your child

May 8, 2020

With the world in lockdown and schools closed, we have all been forced into situations that we have never found ourselves in before. Keeping your kids connected with their friends is a real and sudden challenge that every parent is now facing. Peoply is the answer that you have been looking for.

Kids need interpersonal connections with others to maintain balance in their lives, especially during uncertain times. With no in person way to bring them together, we have to explore how to do this remotely. This is where Peoply really excels.

Peoply brings kids together into fun and safe online classroom, that allows them to learn and connect with others. Kids jump into a real-time classroom via our platform with up to six other students around the country. Each class has an amazing coach who facilitates, inspires, and supports students.

The parents of kids in Peoply classes describe numerous benefits in getting their kids into our classes, including seeing improvements in their child's mood, communication, and sense of self worth.

"I have found that these invaluable lessons have enhanced her confidence and her ability to encourage and inspire confidence in others as well." - Lea, Mother. 

"Peoply is doing an awesome job at inspiring our young people. They may not be giving much away, but I know Elias is quietly beaming and enjoying looking at the world a bit differently." - Deborah, Mother. 

If you are concerned about your child missing out on the group interactions that schooling provides during the lockdown period, and you want to know more about how Peoply can help, click here

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