If I asked you “who was your favourite teacher of all time”, could you tell me?

May 8, 2020

If I asked you “who was your favourite teacher of all time?”, I guarantee that no matter how long ago it was that they taught you, you remember them.

You probably remember the feeling you had in that class, something they said to you, or even an activity you did together. I doubt this favouritism stemmed from the fact that that teacher was the best in your school at Math or English. If you are like our Peoply team, the reason they were your favourite is because they cared unwaverable amounts for you and your learning.

These meaningful moments are what create us into the people that we are today. Your favourite teacher will always be with you because they are a part of you. They shaped your early learning environment and helped you to decide who you want to be by caring about you as an individual. 

At Peoply, this notion is what underpins all of our coach training and the way our classes are run. We don’t just want your child to simply learn something, we want them to leave with an experience they were able to co-create. We want them to have every opportunity available to be the best person they can be by providing the skills and landscape to develop their own learning (and create lifelong memories doing it!).

When you sign your child up for Peoply classes, you are doing more than getting them connected online - you are investing in their future. An opportunity to be in a safe, welcoming, creative space, where they can meaningfully engage with other kids and not only learn, but create themselves.

- Heather Miller, Head Peoply Coach

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