Use these three steps to make home-schooling a breeze!

May 1, 2020

Your child doesn’t need to miss out on vital education during the lockdown.  

While all of the parents out there are the experts on their own kids, learning how to be an educator for your kids is a different story. With the quick closure of schools all around the country, many parents are struggling to become teachers as well parents.

Fortunately, educating your kids at home doesn’t need to be as scary or challenging as it might seem! Here at Peoply, we’ve come up with 3 key home learning principles to help you become an expert educator alongside an expert parent! 

  1. Learning is everywhere.

Often when parents imagine educating their child at home, they’re imagining the kind of work children might typically do at school (cue mountains of math worksheets that often we don’t understand). While this kind of work can be really important, it isn’t the only kind of learning that your kids can do at home.

Take a second to stop and look around your house. That bird you see looking for food in the garden? Ask your children to figure out which kind of bird it is, what it eats, and spend the day learning about it.

The baking you have to do for lunches now that everyone is at home? Ask your kids to double the recipe and tell you how much of each ingredient you’re going to need! Not only will they be practicing their science and math skills, you’ll end up with some yummy food at the end too!

  1. Having fun can be learning too.

Don’t feel like you have to keep your young human occupied all day everyday. They can still be learning (and having fun) by exploring in your backyard, playing board games, or even having screen time. It’s all about balance. Even in a school setting, young humans have time dedicated to playing outside and decompressing after a morning’s work. Don’t forget that having some time to yourself is important - happy parents will make for happier children too! 

  1. Learn from others.

You don’t have to do this by yourself! There are lots of great resources to keep you and your young human motivated and connected with others in the same position. Try asking your young human to Skype with a school friend and give them a project to work on together! Staying connected with other people is more important than ever, and using connection to promote learning is an added bonus. 

Here at Peoply, we’re specialists in online and remote learning. If you want to know more about how we use these 3 steps to inspire, teach, and connect kids from their own homes, click here.

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