Virtual field trip, anyone?

May 8, 2020

Here are four virtual field trips that you can take your kids on right now, from the comfort of your living room! 

Running out of ideas to keep the kids entertained while in lockdown? How about visiting national parks, taking a trip to space, and then finishing up with a stopover on Ellis Island? This kind of field trip doesn’t require a big yellow school bus, a list of chaperones, sunscreen, or the buddy system. All you need is to click and let your imagination take you away! 

Here are four virtual field trips the Peoply team has compiled for you and your family to enjoy!

Explore Volcanoes in Hawaii 

Take a trip through the lava tube, volcanic cliffs, and an active volcano. You can even time travel to 1959 to watch an eruption!

Wander Around Yosemite 

Just this morning, we were hang-gliding off of glacier point, hiking the Mirror Lake trail, and having a picnic at the El Cap picnic area. We recommend visiting the Half Dome Summit, the view was amazing!

Visit Mars

Just a short 352 million miles by rocket ship, and you arrive at Mars. The landing site is quite the view, but be sure to venture out and explore Maria’s Pass and Murrey Buttes. Rest assured that red sand won’t be dragged into your home after this trip!  

Learn on Ellis Island

Home to the Statue of Liberty and former immigration harbor, Ellis island is full of stories and history! Don’t forget to check out the ‘Meet Young Immigrants’ tab for some short and educational stories. 

Did you visit them all? If so, we hope you had as much fun on your adventures as we did! 

Believe it or not, adventure and play are just as important as your child’s learning as formal curriculum. With so much uncertainty in these ever-changing times, you can be sure there will always be fun ways to creatively educate your child. Online tours including history lessons, interactive classrooms, and online PE videos are abundant online.

We now have an amazing chance to explore how learning opportunities can be found in every way shape and form. At Peoply, we believe that learning and playing go hand in hand and that having fun should always be on your daily schedule. We believe that everyone learns differently and we’re here to provide creative ways for your child to learn and feel seen. You can learn more about creative ways to keep learning at home here.

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