Will this pandemic lead to bad social skills?

May 8, 2020

Are you concerned that your child isn’t getting the kind of social interaction that they’re used to during the lockdown?

Social interaction with others is important for developing strong communication skills. Without the constant social environment a school provides, how is your child getting this social interaction from home?

Young humans need to spend time playing, talking out loud, and engaging in activities with people that encourage them to express themselves. 

When faced with lacking social connection, how are you handling it?

What system do you have in place in your home to provide social interactions that will both elevate and challenge your child?

We understand that it’s stressful to have to take on the extra role of teacher alongside all of the roles you already have. Many parents are having to work from home, maintain their schedules, become a home-educator and stay sane. 

What if I told you we could help make things a little easier for you? 

Peoply teaches kids using social connection as a tool. Children learn about themselves, all while interacting with kids from all over their country from the safety of their own home.

Not only will your child get to take part in a novel learning experience but they’ll come out learning more about themselves, and forming connections with those around them.

Jumping back into a social world won’t be a struggle because Peoply prepares your child with healthy social skills and empowers them to recognize their self-worth.

Allow yourself an hour off to recharge (you’re only human), and let your child dive into an educational experience unlike any other!

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