Changing the game for kids who think differently.

Every child has unique potential, it’s just about untapping it.
Peoply provides an online learning and wellbeing platform for kids, accelerating them socially, emotionally and academically, while developing core skills necessary for a bright future.

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How Peoply classes work

Step 1

Browse and select classes

Choose from classes that meet your child’s needs and suit your schedule.

More classes coming soon, watch this space.

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Step 2

Join classes

Each week, your child joins live classes through their computer, from the comfort of their own home.

Classes are made up of 3 – 6 children and are 45 minutes long.

Each class is facilitated by a hand selected coach (kind of like your favourite fun babysitter), who has training in teaching, youth development and leadership.

Step 3

Develop essential skills

The World Economic Forum has identified the most important 21st century skills for kids that will lead to a successful future - critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration, curiosity and leadership. 

Peoply's hand selected coaches foster these attributes in each young human, in every class.

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After each class

Ongoing support

Get personalised insights
As a parent you receive individual updates after each class on your child’s learning experience
Part of a community
Your child becomes part of a tribe, while learning life long skills and lessons
Unlimited classes
You can enrol your child into as many extra classes as you would like each week, for no extra cost
first month free, then $30/WEEK afterwards

Multiple classes offered each week, for less than the price of one private tutoring session

First month free and $30 afterwards
Attend multiple classes each week
Cancel anytime
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What people have to say

For kids
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What ages are the programmes for?
Peoply programmes are currently for young humans aged 8-12. We do have children join who are slightly young and older, depending on their maturity levels. We place young humans in classes with others who have similar learning requirements.
How much does it cost?
Your first month is free. Then for $30 a week, your child can attend an unlimited number of classes. You are free to opt out at any time.

How does the free trial work?
We think your young human will love Peoply. To make sure, they can try one month of classes for free. If they enjoy their trial, do nothing and your child's subscription will continue. Cancel at any time before the end of your trial and you won’t be charged.
How long are classes?
Peoply classes usually run between 30-45 minutes. We've found this is the ideal length, for young humans to be engaged for each and every minute of their class!
Why are classes so small?
Classes are intentionally small so that everyone has ample chance to participate, and can get to know each other in more depth. Based on each human's unique personality and needs, we select class groups who can relate to one another and provide different perspectives and ideas.
Which devices can I use?
Peoply is currently laptop and desktop compatible, with tablets coming soon! We don't use mobiles, as we want to make sure your young human has a screen big enough to see the rest of their classmates, and the ability to have their hands free to participate in activities.
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